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The DNA Testing Centres of Canada are leading the way in the science of analyzing and monitoring an individual’s genetic makeup. These advances in genetic studies now allow you to get your DNA tested, in order to determine if you are prone to developing certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes (type 1 & 2), heart disease, or breast cancer. As a result of this knowledge, customized nutritional and lifestyle strategies can be created and implemented to take appropriate preventative measures. If executed early enough, you can work towards prevention of a disease. Read More..

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DNA Testing Centres of Canada offers affordable DNA tests, specializing in the provision of DNA Paternity Testing and other related services.

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To make an appointment with a doctor kindly email us at DNACanada@gmail.com with all your contact details and the necessary information and someone will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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DNA Testing Centres of Canada is your specialist provider of DNA testing offering tests that are accurate and affordable.

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Our Staff are highly trained and experienced and are here to serve you in the best manner. With a team of expert professionals, we make it to deliver best services to our customers.

What our patients have to say about us

I have enjoyed the DNA experience with the capable and complete help of Dr. Fumakia. He succeeded in making me comfortable and relaxed, even though some results were surprising.

Thank you, Dr. Fumakia!

I had a DNA test done and was extremely pleased with the package of information that I received. The information was complete and easy to understand. It gave me practical information that I could use today and give to my family doctor to use in future.

W.M. - Mississauga

Knowing that my husband I were carriers for cystic fibrosis really gave us the necessary information to prepare for what could come when we decide to have children. The DNA consultant was so informative and willing to answer all our questions, we have recommended DNA Testing Centres to all of our friends and family.

JR. Toronto, Ontario

We were very pleased to discover that Oakville's DNA Canada Centres of Canada could provide a convenient and reasonably-priced test that would meet our needs.
Roy's pleasant and helpful manner and his genuine interest in our request, made us feel confident in the service he was providing.
We were very impressed with the report and that it arrived in a timely manner.
Thank you, Roy for making this DNA exploration enjoyable and the experience memorable!

Joanne and Kathleen M.