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Why do I need to have my DNA checked?

The reason to have a DNA test done is so that you can prevent or be aware of certain diseases or illnesses that may occur in your body. From this information you can make life changes to prevent or deter a sickness or illness from occurring.

How can understanding my DNA give me a longer, healthier life?

Your health is a result of interactions between your genes and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, smoking and alcohol. It’s your genetic make-up that determines which nutrients are used and how they are used; the way toxins are removed, what happens to any waste products and how efficient and effective these key processes are within the body. However, by adjusting your diet and lifestyle, you may have an impact on how your genes work and you may be able to compensate for areas in which your genes may not be functioning at an optimal level.

What is the scientific reasoning behind this program?

It is based on well-established associations between human genes and diet and lifestyle choices. These associations are referenced in multiple, peer-reviewed scientific journals. The scientific literature is the “conversation” by which scientists around the world share their findings. We are committed to using only assessments that have a credible foundation in scientific research.

If there are variations in my genes, can these be corrected?

Your genes are your genes for life. DNA Testing Centers of Canada is not involved in gene therapy – the science of correcting unique and unusual gene variations. Rather, we provide advice that takes into account the presence of common genetic variations. Information provided is designed to assist you in achieving and maintaining good health by following dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your own unique genetic profile.