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Aunt or Uncle and Child

An aunt/uncle test is a DNA comparison performed between an aunt or uncle and a niece or nephew. This DNA test will determine a statistical probability of the test participants sharing a biological relationship as that of aunt-uncle and niece-nephew. Our quality premium h tests includes testing for two people, one aunt or uncle and one child, but you may add more as needed, such as any known parent, for example the mother of the child.

Our informational test can provide you with peace of mind of whether or not a biological relationship exists between the tested participants. With DNA Testing Centers of Canada you can buy the best quality DNA tests in the industry from our world-renowned lab at the cheapest prices.

Our aunt-uncle avuncular DNA test can be used to indirectly establish paternity or maternity when the alleged father or mother is not available for a paternity or maternity test. The testing must be done with the parent’s full sibling, brother or sister sharing the same mother and father.

An Aunt/Uncle test may be performed with only the aunt or uncle and child, however it is recommended to add any known parent(s) to the test to increase the level of conclusiveness. Each person has 23-paired chromosomes in their genetic profile. Half of the genes will come from the mother and half will come from the father. In a scenario where the testing parties would like to determine paternity and the known mother takes part in the avuncular test, her genetic profile will be compared against that of her child. When this is the case, all of the DNA inherited from the mother can be eliminated, therefore isolating the DNA the child inherited from the father. With the paternal DNA positively identified, it will more precisely match (or not match) that of the brother or sister of the alleged father and result in a more conclusive and accurate test result.

We can not perform this test if the aunt/uncle is NOT a full sibling to the alleged father in question

Turnaround Time: Approximately 10 Business Days
Price $349.00 plus tax

Legal Aunt & Uncle Testing also available – cost is $499 + tax

“DNA may also be collected through other means. Common forensic samples are hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, earwax and toothbrushes. However the cost will be on average $125 extra.”