Grand Parentage Testing

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  • Confirm or clarify Grand Parenthood


1 or both Grandparents and Child

Grand parentage DNA testing determines if an individual (or a couple) and a child are biologically related as grandparent(s) and grandchild. It is often used to determine paternity indirectly in cases where the alleged father is deceased or unavailable for testing. Since we all inherit half of our DNA from our biological father and half from our biological mother, we inherit a quarter of our DNA from each of our biological grandparents.

The grand parentage DNA test can be conducted with or without the child’s biological mother’s participation. Mother’s participation is encouraged because that will help exclude half of the child’s DNA when comparing the child’s DNA to the grandparents’.

When you are ready to proceed with a grand parentage DNA test, you can call 1866 863 5139 FREE to discuss the testing process and fees with one of our DNA case counselors. Once your case is set up, we will arrange convenient specimen collection appointments for all tested parties. Once all specimens arrive, it will take 10 working days for our laboratory to complete the testing.

Our grand parentage DNA test generates conclusive results to answer the question of whether or not the tested parties have a grandparent-grandchild relationship. It also indirectly confirms paternity between the child and the alleged father if he is not available for testing.

Turnaround Time: Approximately 10 Business Days
Price $349.00 plus tax

Legal Grandparent Testing also available – cost is $499 + tax

“DNA may also be collected through other means. Common forensic samples are hair (must have the root ball attached), mucous on a tissue, earwax and toothbrushes. However the cost will be on average $125 extra.”