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Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

$ 2,400.00 $

Express Test Service

Product Description

  • Clarify and confirm fatherhood during the pregnancy
  • Completely safe testing without risk to you or your pregnancy
  • Features the most advanced scientific methods and DNA high-sequencing instruments



Paternity can be determined using a simple blood draw from the mother and a buccal-swab collection from the alleged father. This non-invasive prenatal test is completely safe for both the mother and unborn child and utilizes the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to generate results and the technology examines 2688 genetic markers.
We are able to separate fetal DNA from the mother’s DNA to create a DNA profile for the fetus -cells from the developing fetus float freely in the bloodstream of the pregnant mother.
A woman must be at least 8 weeks pregnant to be testing
The prenatal paternity test cannot be performed for
– For a woman expecting twins or multiples
– When two possible fathers who share a close biological relationship
– In Vitro fertilization, egg donor or surrogate
– Less than 8 weeks pregnant

Turnaround time is approximately 10-15 business days
We also offer an express test service with results available in approximately 5-7 business days
Total cost: Price is $2400 plus tax
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