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At DNA Testing Centres of Canada, we are leading the way in making genetic testing readily available. We offer Canada DNA testing to detect a variety of health conditions early on. In addition, we can test how your body could react to certain medications as well. The information our services provide can empower you to take action and prevent potential hazards.

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • Paternity testing: If you are not sure about the father of your children or a court has ordered paternity testing for your case, we would be happy to provide you with quick and accurate results that you can rely on.
  • DNA Canada Ancestry Origins Test: Our DNA testing team can provide you with origins testing and results, which will tell you about your ancestral heritage.
  • Drug response testing: We can test for a wide range of adverse reactions and drug responses, for anything from medical prescriptions and antibiotics to hormone supplementation and birth control.
  • Siblingship testing: The purpose of our siblingship test is for informational purposes, to help you determine whether you and your sibling have the same parents. In addition, we can determine if twins are identical or fraternal.

    Lifestyle Genetic Testing:

  • DNA Canada Healthy Weight Test: DNA Canada Healthy Weight Test can assist you in understanding why you can’t keep off those extra pounds or reach your target weight. This test evaluates genes related to weight management and body composition
  • DNA Canada Healthy Skin Test: DNA Canada Healthy Skin Test is a revolutionary DNA analysis and report that examines your genetic markers related to skin performance. This test should form the basis of your skin treatment and care – because not everyone’s skin is the same

Complete DNA Health Testing

If you are searching for the peace of mind that test results will provide, you will be happy to know that at DNA Testing Centre of Canada can provide the answers you want. Contact us at 1866 863 5139 to request a free consultations! We can discuss our services in greater detail.